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About Zlarin


Zlarin is a small dalmatian island near the city of Šibenik. During wintertime the island has barely 270 inhabitants but in summer days its population grows substantially up to 3,000 residents. Through its history Zlarin also had large population migrations. It's an island from witch meny left but also many stayed.

The climate is Mediterranean. The most frequent wind is south wind scirocco. Due to the proximity of land climate characteristics are transitive. Did you know that Zlarin has 2,700 sun hours per year, what makes it one of the sunniest islands of the Adriatic? The average year rainfall quantity is about 700 mm, but during summer rarely rains.

Its inhabitants through the history, as well as all islanders, mainly engaged in agriculture, fishing and sailing. They also grew olives as evidenced by the abandoned olive groves that can still be seen in all parts of the island. Real prosperity of the island is related to diving and processing of corals. Skill of processing corals in the traditional way is cherished to this day.

Cars have been banned from the island and this certainly gives it a special charm.

Text and photos: tz zlarin

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